S  O  U  L     E  Y  E  S 

photographic book by Photographer P. H. ; tribute to New Orleans, Chicago, and New York

“Some days it was easy, some days hard. I know I’d rather stop, but I didn’t. Capturing unknown souls, unknown stories. With this continuing thought of going home…New Orleans, Chicago, and New York just felt good.

No one can see how you feel. No one can touch how you feel. And I dare you to just be. Like fire, burn. And if you never find the words to describe, feel. It’s enough.” P. H.

Film Photography was supposed to die is what they said. While shooting most of this book in film, P.H. has become true to her eye. Mentally roaming for black freedom and finding her identity throughout her work. Her commitment to better understanding the significance of timelessness has allowed her work to resonate with audiences of all races. She has considered it her responsibility to make art; complex bodies of beautiful and powerful moments. 

“Be as timeless as possible…” P.H. 

Paperback / Perfect bound
Limited edition 50 copies
 11x8" Landscape

black and white images / color images
Publishing date: September 4th 2015
Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping
$55 + Shipping // Worldwide


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